Meme contest

Sorry I’ve been busy doing other things, so I’ve been slacking on the posts.

The great thing about UC Berkeley is the community, and it would be great to see some audience-generated content out there.

Rules are simple: find a gif, any gif, and caption it. 

Email submissions to YOUGOTOCAL@GMAIL.COM with your image attached, caption, and name/tumblr you want me to give credit to.

Deadline to submit is this Sunday, September 9.

I’ll post them all up after the submission deadline.

The posts with the most “Notes” will be ranked.

1st Prize: Dota2 invite OR $15 Chipotle Gift Card.

2nd Prize: $10 Chipotle Gift Card

3rd Prize: Pat on the back

If you don’t like Chipotle or Dota2, then I’m sorry.